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    HSE Design Manager

    HSE Design Manager create the HSE Concept during planning and design phase of construction projects. HSE Design Manager have experience of many years in the business, experience as HSE Managers, profound knowledge of Management Systems and environmental protection and can talk fluently in several languages.

    The Assignment

    • Support in investigating the official construction permit situation and in implementing of measures for achievement of this permit during planning and execution phase. Special support in case of critical permits for operation of a plant, e.g. from an environmental point of view. Ensuring that the continuous measures are part of the environmental management system of the operator.
    • Support of the Plot Plan (floor plan) / model adjustment during planning and preparation phase
    • Assistance in chosing of an appropriate Safety and Health Coordinator (SiGeKo) and support in continuation of the safety and health plan during construction phase.
    • Support of the constructability and safety revision during planning and preparation phase.
    • Support of the HAZID Process (HAZard IDentifcation studies: process for identification of potential hazards).
    • Support of the HAZOP Process (HAZard & OPerative analysis: method to identify potential hazards and operational problems caused by design or arising during maintenance or operation of the plant.
    • Assistance in SIL Classification (SIL: Safety Integrity Level, classification of safety functions).
    • Support with Input relevant to HSE for Basic Design Package.
    • Assistance in creation of the Basic Engineering Package.
    • Support with HSE relevant Input for ITT.
    • Support with HSE relevant Input for technical specifications.
    • Development of the Fire and Explosion Protection Philosophy during planning phase.
    • Creation of the fire and explosion protection documents in preparatory phase and implementation of already specified contents from documents of planning and construction phase.

    Your contact

    AS Bauer GmbH
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    Occupational Health anction and Management Systems


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    Health, Safety, Environment as well as Safety Coordinator and Project Personnel


    Health, Safety, Environment belong tot he most important issues in Chemica/Petrochemical Industry Plant and Power Plant Construction.

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    CE-Marking, Product Safety and 1-Day-Seminars


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    Training, Qualification and eLearning24


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    "The CE project management was very efficient. The very high flexibility in handling and implementation of the measures were put in a nutshell and promptly. In project business delays are not desirable. It was highly appreciated to have a partner who was able to implement these skills."

    M. Hürter (Project Manager Thyssen Krupp Tailored Blanks Ltd.)


    "Already after the first friendly conversation we knew that our shutdown is in competent hands with the HSE-staff of AS Bauer. On request, after a few days, an appropriate HSE Manager was on site. The HSE Manager is our central contact for all questions regarding occupational safety on our construction sites and he documents everything in written in order to handle future shutdowns better."

    W. O. HSE Manager (Hitachi)

    Kempchen Dichtungstechnik GmbH

    "With the AS Bauer GmbH we could improve our health and safety management. The reason: We have a perfect matching interface regarding occupational safety in the company with the support of our occupational health and safety specialist. Whether risk assessments, operating instructions or fire protection - AS Bauer Ltd. has appropriate solutions for us always."

    K. Schonebeck (CEO Kempchen Sealing Techniques Ltd.)

    "The cooperation with AS Bauer Ltd. was convincing. The high flexibility and prompt conduction of SCC trainings and associated examinations in particular. We do not have time for delays in our business. It is an enjoyable fact to know a highly performing partner by our side, who knows about our needs."

    Branimir Witt (Agency Management Base Plus DIGITAL MEDIA)